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Cleaning A Wound On Shabbat

The Daily Halacha Moment - Cleaning A Wound On Shabbat

״כל השונה הלכות בכל יום - מובטח לו שהוא בן העולם הבא״ (נידה עג ע״א, מגילה כח:)

“Anyone who studies Halachot every day is guaranteed that he is destined for the world-to-come” (Megilla 28b, Niddah 73a)


How should one clean a wound on Shabbat?


When cleaning a wound, one should preferably wash the wound before wrapping it or applying pressure with a cloth. If one is using a cloth, such as gauze that is meant for treating wounds, one may place it on the wound even though it will inevitably become dyed with blood.[1] If a gauze is not available, and one is unable to clean the wound first, it is

preferable to use a red cloth on the wound. If this is not possible, one may use a white cloth to cover the wound, even though the cloth will become dyed red as a result of the bleeding from the wound.[2] Similarly, one may place a coagulant powder on a wound to prevent further bleeding. [3]

Adapted From R' Yonatan Nacsons "Laws Of Shabbat" vol. 2, p. 303


[1]. See Chazon Ovadia, Shabbat, vol. 3, p. 377, and Halichot Olam vol. 4, pp. 204 & 235 who explains that not only is this not the normal way of dyeing, but since the gauze will be thrown away after use, this does not fall under the category of Tzove’ah on Shabbat.

[2]. Chazon Ovadia, Shabbat, vol. 5, pp. 19-22; Halichot Olam, vol. 4, p. 204.

[3]. Yalkut Yosef, Shabbat, vol. 4, p. 178; Ohr LeTzion, vol. 2, 36:7; Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchatah 35:13, footnote 20.

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