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I have no wine for kiddush, what do i do?

Question: What does one do if one has no wine for Kiddush on friday night?

Answer: On Friday night (during the day, one may use Chamar Medina if no wine is available, see Halichot Olam, vol. 3, p. 32; Yalkut Yosef 272:16), if one does not have wine in order to recite Kiddush, then one should recite Kiddush upon bread. [1] In order to do so, one should wash ones hands first and recite the Berachah of “Al Netilat Yadayim,” return to his place, and recite “Vayechulu” while the bread is still covered. Then, one should uncover the bread, place both of his hands upon it, recite the Berachah of Hamotzi and Kiddush, and then break off a piece and eat the bread. [2] Before washing one’s hands for bread for one who will be reciting Kiddush upon bread, one should recite Shalom Aleichem, or any other piyutim or prayers that one regularly recites on Friday night. [3] I also have no bread, what should i do? If one does not have wine or bread to recite Kiddush on, then one does not recite Kiddush at all, since strictly speaking, one fulfilled the biblical obligation of Kiddush when praying Arvit. [4] In such a case, one does not have to fast throughout Shabbat, and he may eat without reciting Kiddush (such, as if one is stuck in a hospital, which i wrote about in the beginning of this whole pandemic that one who has no wine or bread to recite Kiddush on one may eat and does not have to fast while being in the hospital. However, when wine is available he needs to recite Kiddush on it). [5] Nonetheless, one who recited Kiddush without bread or wine, has not fulfilled his obligation, and must recite Kiddush again if he finds wine or bread afterwards. [6] Sources: [1]. Shulchan Aruch 272:9. [2]. Ben Ish Chai, Bereshit, 2:28. See also in Halachah Berurah, vol. 16, p. 409 who states that one should lift the bread when reciting the word “Hamotzi,” and then place it down, but one should keep one’s hands on the bread when reciting the berachah of Kiddush. [3]. Halachah Berurah, vol. 16, p. 410. [4]. Chazon Ovadia, Shabbat, vol. 2, p. 75; Halichot Olam, vol. 3, p. 6. [5]. Chazon Ovadia, Shabbat, vol. 2, p. 77. See also in Yabia Omer, vol. 4, O.C. §25, footnote 7 in new edition who states that if one knows that he will not be able to recite Kiddush on wine or bread later then one should recite the Kiddush without reciting the Name of Hashem in the berachah, and then recite a berachah on the food that one wants to eat. [6]. Chazon Ovadia, Shabbat, vol. 2, p. 77. (See also Laws of Praying Beyachid - Rabbi Yonatan Nacson) 📲 The Daily Halacha Moment is written exclusively for this broadcast so when forwarding please include the link! 😊 Netanel Aminov Founder & Author Of The Daily Halacha Moment 🌟 Today's Halacha Moment is sponsored: 🕯 Leiluy Nishmat: Mishael Ben Frecha Efrat Bat Aushra 🤧 Refuah Shelema: Naomi Bat Chana 👰🏼🤵🏼 Shidduch: Ariel Ben Dorit Netanel Ben Dorit 💯 Hatzlacha: Aminov Family Want to sponsor the Daily Halacha Moment (Maaser May Be Used, only $25)? 🗣 reply to this message/txt 305-707-7259 or email if you would like to sponsor the Halacha Moment and help us spread Halacha throughout the world! 🗣️ Want Your Friends/ Family to Be Part of This Amazing Broadcast? 👇 Click Below 👇


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