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With thousands of people tuning in to receive The Daily Halacha Moment, we have started to become one of the fastest-growing Broadcasts on WhatsApp. 

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This boost was dynamite!!! So powerful! What encouragement! Thank you for saving my life, and i am sure the lives of countless others.


I work in a school and one of my students is going through a hard time. I played this video for her and i think it really made an impression on her. Thank You so much for helping me with my job and for helping my student and brightening her day!


Hi,i just wanted to share today i had a very hard day and was not really in the mood to talk or see anyone. The only thing that eventually enhanced my day was listening to all your Mussar Moments. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such amazing videos, it really really helped me so so much!


Hi, I wanted to thank you for this Mussar Moment from yesterday!

First of all, i wanted to share that this Mussar Moment was so inspiring that actually a couple of my friends posted it on their status. I wanted to share my personal feedback about this Mussar Moment. I personally fell that the love i have for Torah (after graduating highschool) is because of You and this amazing group chat/ Broadcast and your amazing website. I mamish get inspired because of you and your hard work.

May Hashem continue letting you be Matzliach in anything that you do and may Hashem give you the Koach and ability to continue inspiring Klal Yisrael, and may your website continue to inspire and bring others closer to Hashem!


Hi just wanted to say thanks and acknowledge all the effort you put into these daily lessons. It's truly an amazing accomplishment, especially knowing that hundreds of people are learning a Halacha daily and that you get the zechus to be part of it!!! I remember joining by sefira for the daily reminder and now i'm just looking back and realizing that at this point i probably learned a bout a hundred different halachas!!!!:) doing a phenomenal job keep it up & can't wait to read about tomorrow Halacha!!! Thanks!!!! 

SUbscriber Inspire :)

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