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Children & Megillah

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The Daily Halacha Moment - Obligation Of Megillah Part 2 📜

״כל השונה הלכות בכל יום - מובטח לו שהוא בן העולם הבא״ (נידה עג ע״א, מגילה כח:)

“Anyone who studies Halachot every day is guaranteed that he is destined for the world-to-come” (Megilla 28b, Niddah 73a)


Are children obligated in listening to Megillah?

Are deaf/mute/blind people obligated in the mitzvah of Megillah?


Regarding children:

It is certainly praiseworthy to bring one’s children who are under the age of bar or bat mitzvah to the synagogue to listen to the Megillah. [1]

However, if the child will cause disturbances during the reading, such as by excessively banging by Haman’s name or talking loudly or crying, and will thus prevent others from fulfilling their obligation of listening to the Megillah, then it is better not bring the child at all. [2]

A deaf person who cannot hear what he is saying must read the Megillah to himself. A hearing person’s obligation is not fulfilled if he heard the Megillah read by such a person since he needs to hear what he is saying. [3]

Similarly, a blind or mute person is obligated to hear the Megillah. [4]


[1]. Rambam on Megillah 1:1; Shulchan Aruch 689:6. See also Biur Halacha "Minhag" & Chazon Ovadia, Purim, p. 62.

[2]. Chazon Ovadia, Purim, p. 62; Yalkut Yosef, Purim, p. 452.

[3]. Shulchan Aruch §2; Ben Ish Chai, Tetzaveh 1:2; Kaf HaChaim §8; Chazon Ovadia, Purim, p. 55; Yalkut Yosef, Purim, p. 457. Chazon Ovadia, Purim, p. 55 points out that if a deaf person can hear with a hearing aid or a similar device, he may even read the Megillah for others. See Minchat Yitzchak 2:113; Tzitz Eliezer 9:21; and Yalkut Yosef, Purim, p. 458, which is unlike the view of Igrot Moshe, E.H. 3:33 and Minchat Shlomo 1:9.

[4]. Chazon Ovadia, Purim, p. 56. See also Shut Chazon Ovadia, 4:6.

See also Laws of the Holidays - Nacson p. 589.

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